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Master 4,500+ French words and expressions with high-quality example sentences, written by authors and curated by professional teachers.

More than just memorizing words

LinFlash focuses exclusively on vocabulary building to deliver the best experience for one of the most difficult aspect of language learning. It's not just memorization, LinFlash teaches you how to use the right words in the right context with confidence.

High-quality Content

Each word or expression comes with an example sentence and audio pronunciation, created by a professional author and curated by a teacher so as to pack the maximum contextual information possible. 

Exam preparation

Prepare for a DELF, DALF, or TCF exam using vocabulary decks curated by level (A1 to C1) and grammar-related decks such as linking words, idiomatic expressions or phrasal verbs.

Smart Reviews

Never forget a word again: LinFlash's intelligent scheduling system, based on SuperMemo 2, makes sure you review flashcards exactly at the right time.

Progress Overview

Keep track of your progress while memorizing new French words and understand what your current CEFR level is (available from beginner to advanced).

More than 100+ decks to choose from

We continually add new content and refine existing entries to make sure you get the best quality possible.
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